My aching arms!

So, yesterday, I thought the 100 pushups I did were pretty easy.  And then I woke up this morning with aching shoulders.  And I had to do 100 more today, which I did.  My forearms are now tingly and numb feeling and the front of my shoulders near my underarms are throbbing.  Guess it’s working!  100 more each day for 5 more days.  Yay!  (Note the sarcasm there!)


I didn’t feel like cooking or putting together anything too grand this morning, so I went simple.  Two pieces of Sprouted Whole Wheat Toast with Raw Creamy Almond Butter, slices of banana and a few sprinkles of cinnamon.



Nothing exciting.  Leftover mashed potatoes w/ mushroom gravy, leftover roasted asparagus and the remaining leftover Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad.


It was soup and salad for dinner and it was great!  We started with a Blueberry Quinoa Salad with Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette.  This salad just screamed summer, especially because I used fresh lettuce from our garden.  This would also be great without the lettuce, which is how I fed it to my toddlers.  This recipe came from Kim Lutz over at Welcoming Kitchen.  I recently checked out her cookbook from the library and am loving it.  Her recipes are not only vegan, but also free of the 8 most common allergens (dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish and shellfish).  It’s sometimes hard to find recipes that are vegan AND soy-free!  Check out her blog and/or cookbook if you get a chance.  We followed up the salad (which would be filing enough on it’s own) with Tofu Noodle Soup from the cookbook More Peas and Thank You by Sarah Matheny.  I couldn’t find the exact recipe posted online but the recipe is basically this but with baked tofu added in at the end instead of the chickpeas.  Though I’m sure the chickpea version is just as delicious.  This soup was a huge hit with our 5 year old and everyone had seconds (even the little girls!)




Day 2 of the 7 Day Pushup Challenge.  100 pushups!

Plus 30 minutes of running around a soccer field with the family after dinner.  Fun!

And scrubbing all the bathrooms…does that count as exercise?

Here’s to another great week!

4 thoughts on “My aching arms!

  1. Nirvana

    Well, it was Andrews birthday weekend so it was jammed packed and busy. Sorry for not keeping you up to date with my status. By the way, Is anyone else doing this with us? Anyway, I’ll do my best with my update. The day we went to the beach in MI, I think Friday, I packed veggie sandwiches and fruit for lunch. We stopped for dinner at our traditional Spanish restaurant we always stop at. I managed to order and eat meatless and cheese less, however, I could not pass up Colombian empanadas! It was difficult to pick out the meat that was mixed in with the veggies but I did the best I could. Sorry. Saturday, I ran 10 miles so I cheated with the Gu I took during my run. Although one was organic and honey, it’s still obviously sugary but the other completely not whole food. Then I needed the carbs and protein for energy since I was depleted. This I felt was harder to do as quickly than before….something I will have to prepare for and learn more about as I go. But lunch was veggie sandwich with hummus and we grilled veggies (red, yellow, orange and green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, mushrooms) for dinner along with roasted pesto potatoes and canalinni beans, a grapefruit avocado salad (actually a salsa for everyone else’s salmon) and corn. Grilled banana for dessert! Yum! Today we went to the zoo. Again I packed fruit and a veggie pita with hummus for lunch. Dinner was out but I had veggie sushi roll and hibachi tofu with veggies and onion soup. Since it was Andrews birthday, I made him his request of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and green sugar sprinkles to take to the zoo. So an exception was made and I did share in my son’s cake-a small piece. All in all a successful weekend given the outings and all the activity. After reading E2, I call these small “cheats” a little entertainment but feel good knowing that the majority of my eating is good and whole foods based. I did add that protein powder from whole foods that I bought and add it for a snack after my runs. I add it to oatmeal and chia seeds with fruit berries and water and just mix it all up. Oh, and for breakfast I always pretty much have a kale smoothie with fruit, usually a banana and cacao nibs and oatmeal everyday. There, I think I’m caught up! 🙂

    1. sebestyen2 Post author

      Wow! Great! I’m all for small cheats every now and then too (especially of the sugary kind!). There is a blog called No Meat Athlete that you should check out. I’m sure they have some tips for fueling during and refueling after a long endurance workout.

      I thought Dana was going to do the challenge too, but haven’t heard for sure. You would know better than I would.

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