Spice is nice.

Hopefully, today will be the last of our eating out for awhile.


We met my sister-in-law and her fiance out for brunch this morning and it took me about 20 minutes to find a restaurant that would be suitable for everyone’s tastes.  We settled on Wishbone and it didn’t disappoint.  I totally forgot to take a picture, which is really too bad ’cause it looked great!  I had the vegan black beans cakes with mango salsa, steamed spinach, fresh fruit and whole wheat toast.  They also have oatmeal that can be made with/served with soy milk as a vegan option as well.

Since brunch lasted from 10:30am until almost 1:00pm (we were chatty this morning!) we didn’t need to eat lunch.  I did have a Cranberry Almond Kind Bar as a snack about an hour before dinner.  It has honey in it, so it’s not truly vegan.  While I usually try to use agave syrup or maple syrup in place of honey when baking at home, I don’t have a problem eating it in baked goods that are otherwise vegan.  To each their own!


Unfortunately, since we’ve been gone the last two days, we didn’t have much for dinner (already ate the leftovers), so the hubby ran out to pick up something.  We settled on Noodles & Company.  After checking out their menu online, I was pretty impressed with the vegan selection.  On their website, they point out which meals are vegan or could be made vegan with a few omissions.  I had the Indonesian Peanut Saute and it was very tasty and VERY spicy!!!  The only problem is that I looked at the nutrition info for this dish and it was NOT low cal, low fat or low sodium!!  The only options with higher calories are all of their mac n cheese dishes and the buttered noodles.  Oops!  My only saving grace was that I couldn’t finish it all.  But, I guess I can afford a few extra calories considering most of my other meals are super healthy.



Today was a rest day, but tomorrow starts the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  Who’s doing this with me???


3 thoughts on “Spice is nice.

  1. Nirvana

    Ran 7M this am. I had a lot of running around this morning so I grabbed a quick peach and toast-plain…probably not good since I ran but I didn’t really have a choice. Got home and ate a cashew larabar since I was starving!…while I got lunch reheated…leftovers asparagus and mushroom stir fry. Date night: dinner and a movie…went to my fave seasons 52 and had their strawberry coconut skinny martini, tomato soup, vegetarian tasting entre which is delicious there (quinoa salad, tofu with mango sauce, baby broccoli, roasted corn, tomato and red pepper, portabella mushroom and a veggie taco that had cabbage, black beans andother veggies but it was so good! Fruit cup for desert.


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