Today marks the end of my “challenge.”

Well, today is the last day of July and, therefore, the last day of my whole foods plant based eating challenge.  Does that mean I will stop eating this way? NO! Does it mean I may be a bit more lenient when out in a restaurant or at someone else’s house?  Sure.  I don’t want food to be a big deal.  I don’t want my kids to feel like they can’t have something their friends are having.  I don’t want to feel like I’m starving at a party with no healthy plant based choices.  But, I do want to make the best decisions possible in regards to my health and well being.  And I want my kids to learn that too.  I want people to know that they can absolutely indulge in something decadent without it being laden with saturated fats and cholesterol.  The age old motto:  Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat.

I have found in this month that a 100% plant based diet is easy.  It is tasty.  It is filling.  It makes me feel more energetic and lighter.  My workouts have been easier and I actually find myself WANTING to exercise since I am not sitting in the food coma fog of the old days.  I have lost all cravings for cheese and ice cream.

If you are the least bit interested in exploring a plant based diet for yourself I highly recommend a few reads/videos:

There are so many more, but these three are concise and easy to understand.  If they don’t change your life, they will at least get you thinking and hopefully inspire you to incorporate more plant based foods in your diet and less animal products.  If you read/watch any of them, I’d love to know what you think.

Going forward, I am not going to be posting every meal I eat every day, but I will post great plant based recipes that I come across on a fairly regular basis.  I hope I’ve inspired some of you to think differently about your food choices and I hope you continue to read my blog and try out these recipes for yourself.

On to today:


Equal parts Shredded Wheat, Cheerios, Grape Nuts and Old Fashioned Oats with chopped walnuts, sliced banana and a handful of blueberries all topped with unsweetened soy milk.


Sunflower Seed Butter and Strawberry Jam sandwich with leftover Kale Salad on the side.



Dinner was a flashback to college years.  I remember living in this dingy 2 bedroom apartment the summer after my sophomore year with 3 roommates.  We all had mattresses on the floor because we couldn’t afford actual bed frames and apparently we never asked our parents to bring them from home.  We went to summer school, we worked, we partied and we ate like crap….like Hamburger Helper crap.  But, gosh, it was good, right?  Or maybe I’m just weird.  This version is MUCH healthier, but still creamy and “beefy” and flavorful.  My little girls loved this by the way, but my 5 year old didn’t seem to care for it much.  He did, however, have not only seconds, but a third helping of the freshly steamed broccoli I served with it.  Now, who’s the weirdo??  🙂

Tempeh Helper



I started the day with THIS yoga sequence.

8 Minute TaeBo DVD Workout

45 Minute walking incline workout on treadmill

155 squats



One thought on “Today marks the end of my “challenge.”

  1. Nirvana

    Good job!!!! I had my usual breakfast, left over lentil loaf and potatoes for lunch and tempeh pasta with marinera.
    Yeah!!! I too don’t crave cheese and icecream, ok maybe a little icecream 🙂 but I do miss having my eggs. I definitely don’t miss meat and I too feel so much better!


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