Dilled Millet and Vegetable Salad

This post is long overdue, but it’s been a very busy week.  I made this salad for our annual family reunion picnic last weekend.  I thought it turned out GREAT!  I love that it uses fresh dill and all the different veggies make it beautiful and flavorful.  The only thing I might change next time is the addition of sunflower seeds or sesame seeds…just for some added crunch….but honestly it doesn’t even need that because all the fresh veggies give it crunch too.  If you’ve never tried millet, this would be a great way to start!

Dilled Millet and Vegetable Salad


The fresh veggies all chopped up and ready to go.


After adding the millet and dressing.  So delicious!!


For those of you that were keeping track, I’m on day 25 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  That means I did 220 squats!  And that was after my 3 mile run this morning.  Only 4 more days of this challenge, not including a rest day in between there, and then on to the next challenge.  I’m thinking the 30 day Plank Challenge.  This one ends with a 5 minute plank!  What?  Might be the hardest challenge yet.


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