Breakfast for Dinner

Before I “went Vegan” my go-to dinner for those nights when I was out of good ideas was breakfast for dinner.  Usually a frittata or egg bake of some kind with hash browns and bacon or sausage.  Well, guess what?  You can still have this super easy and delicious go-to meal even on a meat, dairy and egg free diet.  I thought it  was every bit as tasty and all three of my kids cleaned their plates as well.

Vegan Roasted Vegetable Frittata


Smoky Vegan Maple Sausages


And, of course, hash browns don’t need to be veganized..they just are by nature (assuming you don’t cook them in butter).  I saved myself some time and used frozen hash browns, but you could certainly make them extra tasty by using fresh potatoes.


More lunchbox ideas  (*NOT exclusively vegan)


Leftover Pasta w/ kale in a Lemon-Cashew Cream sauce (I mixed the kale into the sauce), Carrot Walnut Cherry Muffin, Green Grapes and 5 small Angry Bird graham crackers per Matthew’s request of course.


Ham and Provolone on Sprouted Rye Bread w/ mustard, Green Grapes, Strawberries, Annie’s Bunny Crackers and a Pickle Spear (wrapped in parchment paper).


I’ve been working out a lot lately and I’m feeling great!  My runs are getting easier and I’m ready to sign up for a 5K in the near future to keep me motivated.

I met up with my local Mom’s group this morning for a 3.75 mile walk.  Once the girls were down for their nap, I did 30 minutes of Tae Bo.

I still need to complete my plank for the day.  I’m on day 18 of the 30 Day Plank Challenge.  Holy crap, this is getting hard!!!  The last two days were 120 seconds and today I’m supposed to do 150 seconds.  The challenge does state that you can brake it down into smaller segments if you need to, which I just might have to start doing.  This challenge is by far proving to be the toughest so far.  Burpees, squats and pushups were nothing compared to this!


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