A great veggie burger recipe!

It was burgers for dinner tonight with a side of potato salad and apple slices (thanks to M’s homework assignment:  eat a red and green apple…can you taste a difference?).  I think I mentioned before how much I love the Thug Kitchen blog…hilarious!  This burger recipe as well as the potato salad recipe came from that blog….and neither was a disappointment.  In fact, these burgers might just go into our regular rotation.  The kids loved them too and didn’t even realize there was tons of spinach, kidney beans and brown rice in there.  Bonus is that they are baked in the oven instead of fried in a pan…less work and less oil…score!  They held together perfectly without any vital wheat gluten…just pure wholesome goodness.  Delish!

Smokey Bean and Spinach Burgers and Fresh Herb Potato Salad


I topped mine with Veganaise, mustard, avocado and tomato.


I’ve made a few other delicious recipes lately that I’ve been meaning to share.  This next one is by far one of my favorites since the beginning of this blog.  It seems so simple, but it so yummy.  I’ve been using this spread on everything!  The recipe is for White Bean Vegan Quesadillas and that’s what I made the first night.  Then I used the bean paste to make tortilla roll ups for M’s lunchbox and several times for lunch for me.  I’ve also used the spread as a dip for tortilla chips.  I think it would also be great as a taco topping instead of salsa (or in addition to).  I doubled the bean paste recipe and used half white beans and half refried beans.  I don’t have any pics of the quesadillas I made, but I do have a pic of the rollups I put in M’s lunchbox.

Beyond Amazing White Bean Vegan Quesadillas


Another good recipe was this soup recipe. Perfect for the cooler autumn months.  You’ll likely be seeing a lot of soup recipes from me soon.  I LOVE soup…all kinds….all year, but especially in the fall and winter.

This recipe is for Red Lentil and Turnip Soup.  I pureed mine with an immersion blender to get rid of the big chunks, but not  so it was silky smooth…there were still some lumps.  I also used regular brown lentils…not as pretty, but just as tasty!


More Lunchbox Love


Ham and Cheese on Whole Wheat, Carrot Sticks, Green Pepper Strips, Grapes, Pretzel Sticks and Yogurt Covered Peanuts


Tortilla Rollups w/ White Bean Spread (see above), shredded carrot and green pepper, Grapes, String Cheese and a homemade vegan Strawberry Thumbprint Cookie (from Forks Over Knives…I used strawberry jam (St. Dalfour brand) instead of raspberry.



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