Chickpea Quinoa Patties

Hi!  Remember me?  I haven’t posted in quite awhile and, quite frankly, I haven’t been cooking as much as usual lately.  We were on vacation for a week, we were all hit with the flu, and we’ve been going through some meals that I’ve had in the freezer.  But, I think I am getting back on track.

Yesterday, I made these wonderful Chickpea Quinoa Patties.  They came together quickly and are baked in the oven.  Couldn’t have been easier.  Everyone loved them…even my pickiest little gal ate 2.

Quinoa is considered a super food.  It is actually a seed, but is treated as a whole grain.  You can use it like you would rice or barley.  It is a complete protein and is gluten-free.  And, it cooks faster than most whole grains as well.  Stock up and eat up!  (Learn more about quinoa HERE.)

Chickpea Quinoa Patties w/ Lemon Avacado Sauce


The recipe uses tahini as a binder.  I would have never thought of this, but it works great.  These patties held together perfectly!

I served it up along side fresh green beans and this Confetti Corn (using Fakin’ Bacon).  Yummy!




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