Lentil and Brown Rice Stew

Sometimes the simplest recipes turn out to be the best.  This one is crazy easy and very inexpensive (especially if you use homemade veggie broth), however, the nutritional content is sky high.

Yesterday after M got home from school, I bundled up all three kids and we went out to play in the snow while this stew simmered away on the stove.  It was the perfect meal to warm us up and fill our bellies after all those snowball fights!

My picky littlest eater refused to even take a bite, but her twin sister ate THREE bowls and M ate 2 bowls.  I myself went back for seconds as well.  We still have quite a bit leftover too, which I LOVE…made for a qiuck lunch today.

Lentils are incredibly healthy, providing high amounts of fiber, B vitamins, iron and protein.  All that and only 230 calories per cup.  Learn more about the health benefits of lentils HERE.

Brown Rice is another super food that will help keep you feeling full and looking trim.  Learn more about the health benefits of brown rice HERE.

Lentil and Brown Rice Stew


Along with the brown rice and lentils, this stew is loaded with onions, carrots and celery.  Super healthy, super delicious!  A perfect winter meal.



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