The Lively Lunchbox

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I’m excited to introduce a new blog of mine that I just started yesterday: The Lively Lunchbox.  This blog will feature lunches that I send with my 6 year old to 1st grade.  Please note, these are not strictly vegan.  While my kids do eat mostly vegan, I do not restrict any food groups from them.  The lunches will be heavy on the fruits/veggies/carbs, but you will find all food groups there.  I know a lot of us who enjoy the plant based lifestyle ourselves are still living with family members who don’t.  If this describes you and you would like some healthy lunchbox ideas for your kids this school year, please follow me at The Lively Lunchbox.  Thanks!

Veggie Inspired Journey will continue to feature only vegan recipes.  I have a post coming up soon that will be all about a grain many of you probably haven’t tried yet.  Stay tuned…

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